Artist Chris Sollars subverts public space through absurd performance interventions. Since 1996, he has worked in the street to have immediate interaction with a public audience and to collect society’s detritus, trash, and artifacts for sculptures.  The results are documented using photography, sculpture, and video that are integrated into mixed-media installations.  Since starting a band in 2016, instrument construction, music, and lyrics have become an integral way to turn his discontent for man made environmental and social catastrophes into soundtracks for art. Sollars is an Associate Professor in Studio Art at Dartmouth College. Awards include  2022 MacDowell Fellowship, 2022 Ucross Foundation Residency, 2022 Jentel Artist Residency, 2021 Gate 27 Istanbul Residence, 2013 Guggenheim Fellowship, 2013 San Francisco Arts Commission: Individual Artist Commission Grant, 2012 Center for Cultural Innovation Investing in Artists Grant, 2007 Eureka Fellowship Award, 2007 San Francisco Bay Area Artadia Grant, 2009 Headlands Center for the Arts residency, & 2015 Recology Artist in Residence.


667 Shotwell
December 1-9 2023

Multidisciplinary artist, musician, professor, and director of 667 Shotwell, Chris Sollars, presents a survey of his works created in San Francisco from 1999 to the present. The exhibition marks the end of an era for the artist who will be leaving the city after twenty five years to pursue a teaching opportunity as tenured  Associate Professor of Studio Art at Dartmouth College starting in January 2024.
Baller Flyer.


Gate 27
Gate 27 - Istanbul
April - May, 2022

Kittie Paws music video of the cats of Istanbul.


ICE HOUSE: For Cooler Futures
Jan - Feb, 2022

Icehouse: For Cooler Futures:  Music and Video Installation in the former Macdowell Ice house featuring covid tests and foraged seeds frozen in beer cans on sawdust, bucket and ice cooler speaker cabinets, videos of ice forming and harvesting with live percussive scores with ice tools, songs, and monologues on climate change anxieties. 


Parisian Laundry - Montreal
July 11 - August 10, 2019

Sollars revisits John Cheever's short story The Swimmer, traversing his way across San Francisco from Bay to Ocean via a network of pools and fountains in a Speedo.


Secrets of Life Extension
Internet Archive's 2018 Artist in Residence Exhibition
Ever Gold [Projects]
July 14 - Aug 11, 2018

As a nod to the 1960’s Bay Area’s psychedelic and electronic explorations, Sollars will be sourcing the Internet Archive’s psychedelic screen savers, live recordings of the Grateful Dead, and psychotropic literature while utilizing “slow movement” methods of pickling and preserving for handling data.


Bread & Salt San Diego, CA
Oct 13, 2018

Sonic performance in former bakery grain silo concrete bunker with sonic sculpture.


Bay Cycle: tis is ara ray its a headwind
Heron's Head Park SF, CA - Oct 21, 2018

A one day exhibition at Heron’s Head Park featuring a series of collaborative works by Chris Sollars & Nolan Sheehan Jankowski from their project Bay Cycle, a 288 bicycle ride around the entire shore of the San Francisco Bay.



Collaboration with
Lee Lavy

💀ture is the sculpture band of Chris Sollars & Lee Lavy. Started in the wake of Nov.2016, 💀ture rides the melt of political failure and climate destruction. FIRST SHOW: Last New Moon 2017: Sunday Dec 17 Warm Water Cove at Sunset. Follow 💀ture


94110: Episode 1
collaboration with Michael Friedman
Premiere Date April 2, 2017

Television Pilot 94110 imagines the story of tech executives living, learning, and loving together in San Francisco's Mission District, 94110. Starring Scott Vemiere, Jennifer Locke, Gregorio Figuroa, Matt Shapiro, and Tony Labat as Carlos Santana. Music by Oh Sees.


1275 MINNESOTA ST / Atrium
May 1 - 20, 2017

Red Trucker Hats with White lettering from across America form a radiating circle that face inwards. Sollars started collecting the hats in November of 2016.


Jewish Folktales Retold: Artist as Maggid

Contemporary Jewish Museum
Sep 28, 2017–Jan 28, 2018

Jewish Folktales Retold: Artist as Maggid, Goatscapes follows a goat with a bell as it roams through a variety of locations from rural to urban, industrial to residential, low income housing to condos, developed to empty lots around the Potrero Hill neighborhood of San Francisco. Watch Making Of


Moon to Solstice
Collaboration with Alison Pebworth
Wildlands Artist Residency
June 3 - 25, 2017

22 day collaboration between Alison Pebworth & Chris Sollars.
Event was a walk through our days at Wildlands through drink, drawing, spaces, and video.


Hoof & Foot
Manetti Shrem Museum U.C. Davis
November 13, 2016 - March 30, 2017

Commissioned Video installation that highlights the symbiosis relationship of learning between UC Davis’ animals & students as seen through a series of visual comparisons using the hoof and foot as a grounding point.


Chico State University Art Gallery
November 3 - December 15, 2016

Focusing on Lake oroville and the Oroville Dam for generating a series of works in 21st century California. A relationship between a Dam and a river. A relationship between a Dam and a drought.


The Swimmer
Oakland Museum of CA
October 26, 2015 - Feburary, 2016

Sollars revisits John Cheever's short story The Swimmer, traversing his way across San Francisco from Bay to Ocean via a network of pools and fountains in a Speedo. WATCH on Vimeo


Mistaken Impressions
Root Division curated by Whitney Lynn
January 6-30, 2016

Pothole with #sick selfie
self portrait custom ZXFlux adidas


All in the Game
curated by Guerrero Gallery
Artmarket SF
- May 2016

Series of sculptures built with refuge from the trash installed in front of an art fair.


RECOLOGY SF Artist in Residence
September 19-30, 2015

At Recology, Sollars has turned cast off objects and scavenged garments into outfits, tools, and sets for imagined worlds. Wearable sculptures utilize backpack frames that support unusual cargo, and a series of double ended hand tools transform axes and shovels into humorous, existential dilemmas. Flickr


Farm Stands
Gospel Flats Farm Stand Gallery, Bolinas CA
Nov 4 - Nov 30, 2015

Sollars scavenged the Gospel Flats Farm, surrounding Lagoon, and Bolinas shore to build sculptures that float a selection of produce grown on the Farm. These stands highlight the form of Kale, Squash, & Pumpkin. Each sculpture is maintained by the farm with fresh produce.


Tongue in Cheek
di Rosa, Napa CA
May 9 - July 19, 2015

This exhibition explores the continuing legacy of humor and absurdity in Bay Area art through the lens of a new generation of artists. In an increasingly fraught social and political context—both locally and abroad—many artists have turned to comedy to reflect upon and illuminate the absurdities of daily life. Includes The Swimmer 2013 and Wet Blanket CA 2015.


Water Shed
Off Shore at Southern Exposure
May 28 - July 3, 2014

An exhibition documenting a series of performances that lead viewers to water thru the physical properties within the city of San Francisco that both comprise and compromise the watershed. Watershed is composed of: Creek Walks (Lead to Water) and Water Shed (On the Water).


Steven Wolf Fine Arts
October 26 - December 20, 2013

The Swimmer features photos, videos, and sculptures that intertwine street and sea through endurance actions and the transformation of objects. In a large-scale environmental drawing, Sollars traverses the coast of San Francisco, dragging behind a pointed staff that literally draws a line in the sand. In another epic work, he revisits John Cheever's short story The Swimmer, navigating his way across the city through pools and fountains in a Speedo. Echoing the tradition of Venetian grotto furniture, Sollars created a waterfront studio in the Bayview and repurposed a series of barnacle-encrusted objects pulled in from the bay for use back in town..


Southern Machine Exposure Project
Home of Bruce
Tomb & Mary Sheppard
Tuesday June 19, 2012
Utilizing this former Mission Police Station as a set, Sollars will activate the former station through actions, sculpture, and taste and make the inaccessible areas of the home visible through video. Southern Machine Exposure Project is a project developed by Southern Exposure (San Francisco) and Machine Project (Los Angeles), involving 20 combinations of artists and performers from LA and SF, .


the Missing Pig

version 1.
Cook Bacon, do not serve.


version 2.
Cook Bacon, do not serve, hide in front of live camera feed and transmit bacon image sporadically.


Pacific Tackle Installation 1
Monterey Fish Pier 32
December, 2012

Pacific Tackle installation at Monterey Fish December 2012. Viewers are given sashimi Alabcore tuna to eat and enter the walk-in Freezer to view projected videos of Albacore Alley, the fishing Excursion with Marc Alley, amongst the arrangements of caught Fish. Watch Install


Rock Bar
December, 2012

Chroma keyed Oysters overlayed with documentation of swimmers and fishing excursions on the Pacific with fisherman Marc Alley for Pacific Tackle. Viewed and served with raw oysters at Rock Bar 2012.


Working Alternatives: Breaking Bread
Franklin Street Works
Tuesday June 19, 2012

“Breaking Bread” imagines the kitchen table as an alternative space, presenting contemporary participatory, culinary art projects in juxtaposition with several 1970’s food art projects. Paul Branca, Tom Marioni, Legacy Russell, Chris Sollars and Jerome Waag take on these ideas through works that incorporate food and drink with performance, sculpture, and interactive installations.


Street Clean
Temple Gallery
January - Feburary, 2012

Rebuilt Street Cleaner based on original specs with video projection of Sollars first intervention Street Clean 1997.


the new children's museum
Oct 15, 2011 - Sept 2013

Multi-media installation using a dumpster as a play-set and landfill as backdrop, with videos of trash rain and Pile of Trash San Diego a Narrative following anthropomorphic Trash from Mirmar Landfill, through downtown San Diego to Balboa Park the former landfill.

Positive Tax

Bay Area Now 6
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
July 9 - Sept 25, 2011

Chris Sollars' installation Hairy, featuring video and 19th century style wigs made from his long hair and beard, for Bay Area Now 6 at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

Positive Tax

Digger Bread Bakery
OPENrestaurant @ Berkeley Art Museum
August 27, 2011

In the mid-60s the Diggers in San Francisco proposed a form of ‘community anarchism’ in which they offered free food, medical care, and street performance. They also baked and gave away bread, and were rumored to have introduced whole-wheat flour into US counterculture. Artist Chris Sollars , Steve Sullivan from Acme Bakery and James Whitehead from Fist of Flour bake Digger bread in cans while David Simpson and Jane Lapiner recount stories from their experience as Diggers.

Positive Tax

Project Space: Chris Sollars
...might be good issue #174 (fluent collab)
Sept 16, 2011

For …might be good, Sollars presents a series of works from 1980-2040 juxtaposing time, physical and social space..

Positive Tax

Lost in Space
Steven Wolf Fine Arts
March 12 - April 2, 2011

San Francisco group exhibition showing documentation of the past 2 years of making sculptures in my neighborhood.

Positive Tax

Isn't It Obvious? SF Arts Commission Gallery
Jan 21 - April 2, 2011

Arthur Allan through a series of actions will investigate the unoccupied open space of San Francisco civic buildings.

Positive Tax

Crossing the Rubicon
JAS Gallery
April 28 - June 11, 2011

Drawing of the Bohemian Grove conservative U.S. Presidents and friends pounding beers naked like frat boys around the Grove's totem Owl Rock under the northern California Redwoods.

Positive Tax

The End of Failure
Louis VESP
April 29 - May 13, 2011

Sollars investigates Failure through a multi-media installation of Mis-haps, consisting of a fleece security blanket to wear while they watch a compilation of short video mistakes.

Positive Tax

Summer of Video Art
July 1 - Aug 27, 2011

déjeuner sur la barbe (to lunch on the beard ) 2011
a new video by Chris Sollars & Jerome Waag

Positive Tax

Open Source:
Instructions Towards a New Economy

Invisible Venue
August 2011

Instructions Towards a New Economy: Resistance 2011 (sent as text), Global Partners 2011 (posted on Facebook) & Jobs Jesus Jobs - Interchange 2011 (posted as Tweet).

Positive Tax

MacArthur B Arthur
May 6 - May 29, 2011

Sollars creates A Great and Mighty Walk along MLK WAY in 3 Parts Instructions for connecting MacArthur B Arthur to their neighborhood block.


2929 A Double Take
A New Museum
Jan 1-10 2010

2929 is an exhibition using A NEW MUSEUM's address as a double take. Using his series of Public Sculptures made with ready-made-trash and debris on streets and sidewalks around San Francisco Mission, Sollars will be installing some of these recent creations in the Museum over the course of the two weeks.


Chris Sollars
Glitter Box
August 7 - Sept 7 2010

A solo exhibition of sculptures, photographs, and videos installed in and around Ian Colon's apartment gallery Glitterbox in Oakland, CA. At Glitterbox, Sollars has mined Ian’s collection of works, objects, and archive into an exhibition that creates portrait of the artist, the owner and his space.


Chris Sollars - Museum Residency
August 20, 2010

This summer I invited Sollars to use SFMOMA as a site for art-making. As a parameter the artist used only materials on hand in the museum itself, from paper products, posters, debris left behind, to the shirt off his back. At no point was his project made official to the staff of the museum, similar to working in his neighborhood, Sollars came and went and made pieces while integrating himself as an everyday museum guest.


Oct 3 - Nov 20 2010

At WE, Sollars will create a series of works based on the interior and exterior of WE. Inside, Sollars will use images and objects from around the WE space as inspiration and outside he will utilize the Bus stop and neighborhood for a series of interventions, sculptures and videos. Watch the PROMO


Trouble Everyday
Booklyn Exhibitions
Sept 11 - Oct 9 2010

Taking inspiration from Frank Zappa’s 1966 song Trouble Everyday Chris Sollars throws caution to the wind with facing current state of affairs. Through drawings, photographs, sculptures, and videos of critical humor, Sollars blurs the past with the present in his investigation with the troubles we find ourselves with 9 years later on September 11, 2010.

Positive Tax

Other Possibilitiess: Alison Pebworth
Michael Rosenthal Gallery
April 10 - May 8, 2010

Video in conjunction with Alison Pebworth's solo exhibition
Other Possibilities of drawings.


Decalogue: Films You Can Count on Two Hands
organized by Eve Sussman
Winkleman Gallery
March 27 - May 1, 2010
Opening: Saturday, March 27, 6-8 PM

Line Up includes: Johan Grimonprez, Leslie Thornton,
Julian Rosefeldt, Simon Lee + Algis Antanas Kizys,
Christine Rebet, Erin Cosgrove, Jim Finn, Matt Stokes, Marcus Coates, & Chris Sollars.


GLOBAL/NATIONAL - The Order of Chaos
Exit Art
March 13 - May 1, 2010
Opening March 13, 7-10 PM

An exhibition that “addresses the anxieties of economics, environmental tragedies, and societies of control that define the chaos of globalization. It explores these social issues in an aesthetic way to demystify the notion of art only as an ornamental production.


Baer Ridgeway Exhibitions
Feb 20 - March 27 2010

PAPER!AWESOME!, a group exhibition of new works on paper by over 100 artists. Curated by gallery artist Brion Nuda Rosch, this exhibition contains over 300 8.5 x 11 inch brand new works on paper by an incredibly varied group of artists.


NOV/DEC 2009

Together Hallway Projects (Arthur) and 667 Shotwell (Allan) investigate the domestic nature of each venue through new works within each other's space and in the neighborhood between each residence to create a series of collaborative works in varying media. Art Practical Review by Zachary Scholz

Headlands Center for the Arts, CA

Sculpture & Video Installation Featuring 7 sculptures for 7 books by SF Bay Area art organizer and writer Richard Brautigan. Videos based on each book interrupt the live video feed in the space.

Cartographic Imagination: Mapping in Contemporary California Art

Exhibition: September 19 - October 15, 2009
SF STATE University Gallery


OPENfuture: Spinning Marinetti's Wheels
Chris Sollars Jerome Waag Matt Volla

Event: October 17, 2009
SFMOMA Sanfrancisco, CA
video projections


Creative Time's Democracy in America:
The National Campaign

Opening: September 21 - 27, 2008
Opening Reception: Sept 21, 2 TO 10 PM

Park Avenue Armory; New York, NY





June 20 - July 20

@ Maniac Gallery, Oakland, CA


The Innocent Gaze @ Jack Hanley Gallery

August 3 - August 26


Locked Bike: A Still Life in Motion
Keys that Fit: Oakland, CA

April 6- May 25


Accumulative Dissipation
Southern Exposure SF, CA

January 16, 2006 - February 6, 2006


Accumulative Rubbings
at SOEX On-Site Education Program (OSEP)

January 16, 2006 - February 6, 2006


Malleable Marion Ohio

February 1 - 24 2006

Curated by Sanford Biggers at Kuhn Fine Arts Gallery The Ohio State University at Marion


Bard College Install

June 2006


Jar / Drain Bard MFA Show

July 8,2006 - July 20, 2006

A flood with a bread dough levee is reconstructed in my bathtub, and is displayed on a TV monitor on top of its packaging box at waist high. A video projection of a jar of dirty water is shaken vigorously and appears sporadically.


Tokyo-San Francisco Art Festival'06 Tokyo Japan

July 29th to August 5th 2006


Haunted curated by Pat Rock at Disjecta Portland, OR

September 5 - October 4 2006


Flavour of Democracy
in collaboration with Jerome Waag

October 20, 2006 - November 11, 2006
Detourned Menu curated by Brianna Toth
Installation at The Lab


Kimono News Install

December 2006

Listening: Living Art from Japan and San Francisco
The Lab - San Francisco, CA


SUV RUB & Double Tether


Bard College


The Shirt That Gets Around

December 2005

Artist Space New York, NY


Bjorn Again

January 24 - March 7, 2004

Multiplex curated by Eve Sussman
Smackmellon Brooklyn, NY


Come Walk With Me

March 12 - April 10, 2004

Suite 106 Gallery, New York, NY


Soap Boxes


A ring of 5 crushed soap detergent boxes with audio playing in the room of a Soap Box Preacher yelling the names of each box (Tide, Gain, Cheer, All).


Bjorn Again

December 2003



Paper Ball

Mill College Museum Install


Urban Evidence

APRIL 2 - MAY 4, 2002

Sesnon Gallery UCSantaCruz Santa Cruz, CA


We're Waiting with Mads Lynnerup

September 20, 2001

New Langton Arts San Francisco, CA


Subscription 2000

1999 - 2000

6 issue subscription of art works over 6 months.



August 1998

Bank Show Skowhegan, ME


Donation Boxes

January 1998

RISD MUSEUM Providence, RI


Finding Providence

June 1998

Providence, RI


World Cup Bar Install

August 1998

Skowhegan, ME


Making Bread

Freshly baked homemade Whole-Wheat bread is served to viewers.
A video shows me touching myself bare handed and making bread with gloves on.



November - December 1996

Providence, RI