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Short CIrcuits: a screening connected by Hector Escarraman

Friday, May 9, 2003. 7:30 PM $5

in Conjunction with CONNECTIONS a show curated by Chris Sollars at the Balazo Gallery March 16.

Artists' Television Access 992 Valencia Street San Francisco, CA 94110 (415) 824-3890

A night of shorts inspired by the themes from the television series "Connections," created by Science Historian, James Burke. .Burke our virtual host, will present a series of film and videos including "Worms" a film by Sharif Nakhleh, showing what some of us are willing to do for the almighty dollar; "Cafe", a film by Jess Fulton, depicts an Oakland in the mid-nineties; and "Haunt," by Nick DiSessa a mix of shorts, one can literally find the "connections." Other filmmakers include Tina Eislinger, Jeremy Roylance, and Matt Levie. We hope to encourage the filmmakers and viewers to make new connections, new links, or new possibilities for the way seemingly disparate concepts interconnect. Other filmmakers that night:  Emmanuelle Antolin, Jen Covens, Sam Young, Mark Solario, Joseph Skorman, Tina Eislinger, Jeremy Roylance, Phoenix Stephens, and Edward Rosenblum.


Hector is a video/media artist based in San Francisco, CA.

Chris Sollars also passed the shirt that gets around to Hector.