Brian Storts

Glowing Projects

Glow Colonel 1999

Jo Jo Paw Print 2001

glow in the dark paint

The Green Giant 2002

Hallmark Holidays

Easter Egg 2002

From Hare Up Your Ass performed at a ritzy Easter party in San Francisco, as a part of Brian's Hallmark Holiday Series.

Egg Plop 2002 Digital Print

From Hare Up Your Ass Series

Hare Up Your Ass Still 2002

Santas Hat and Ho Ho Ho Santa Banner 2001

From Brian's HO HO HO performance at 667shotwell. Ho Ho Ho is a part of his Hallmark Holiday Series.

Dinners and Phone Calls

Mr. Know It All 2002


Roxanne (Girlfriend Series) 2002

Brian Storts is a San Francisco based artist, that is currently investigating American Hallmark Holidays that includes Ho Ho Ho. Other recent works include private dinners for strangers in their homes and a cross country journey of vacuuming homes and mowing strangers lawns in Suck and Mow. Upcoming shows include a show in Paris during October.

Check out the adventures of Suck, Kathryn Williamson, and Brian aka Mow at:


Recent articles include a spread in the SF Examiner, titled On with the Show, by Anne Crump.

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