Installation Bard


Installation Bard College 2006
A series of work from 2005-2006 installed together at Bard College. Includes the following:

Follow the Leader 2006 Brown Paper Suit & stand Follow the Leader video of the 2006 State of the Union Address. The video interrupts the space sporadically with the one word said followed by a rupture of applause. PLAY.

Pile of Trash 2006

3 Trash Bag outifits stuffed as a 3 channel video of the the Pile of Trash Action in San Francisco plays on monitors piled on top of the heap.




TSTGA Stand 2005

2 cardboard boxes, bolts, washers, wingnuts,
Designed and built by: Chris Sollars and Mark Shunney
Additional help from: Alison Pebworth & Pete Riesett.


ArtForum 2005-7

2 stacks of ArtForum, one stack with just ads, and one stack with articles.