Accumulative Dissipation


Accumulative Dissipation

Accumulative Dissipation 2006
Installation at Southern Exposure
January 13 - February 18, 2006

Chris Sollars' solo exhibition Accumulative Dissipation at Southern Exposure includes SUV RUB and the video installation, Pile of Trash.

SUV RUB measures 19' x 25'

Pile of Trash Bag Install
Pile of Trash Bag Scale

Pile of Trash Bag Install

Pile of Trash Installation consists of a Trash Bag measuring 35' x 24' with installation height at 14.5' housing a viewing room with stuffed padded trashbags and a single channel projection of the Pile of Trash video.

interior trash

Accumulative Dissipation Press:

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INSTALLATION made possible by: Instant Coffee, Drew Bennett, Hector Escarraman, Alison Pebworth, Mark Shunney, Jerome Waag.

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